Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Coverstaions with Mac at Christmas:

Mac-I know what I want for next Christmas
Mom- oh, really what??
Mac- To be Jewish

Mac(on christmas eve) I changed my mind about a gift
Mom- Mac it's too late to change your mind, I don't have a way to get ahold of Santa
Mac- Send him a text!!!

Mac(after he could not ubderstand Griffin) Mom, he needs to talk
Mom- he is trying
Mac- you really should get him a speech therapist

We tried to explain to Mac that he was only getting 3 gifts, like the Wise Men gave to jesus. Needless to say we got many more.

Mac- when are those men picking up these gifts (his toys)
Mom- Mac, which men??
Mac- the men with the baby in a box
Mom- who??what is their names?
Mac- oh, the smart guys!!!
aka Wise Men

Mac- I cannot wait to get an erection
Mom- What are you talking about??
Mac- an erection
Mom- What is an erection??
MAc- a bunch a things in a pile
Mom- what things
Mac- stones, rocks, legos
Mom- a collection
Mac- yes a erection

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  1. Here's the thing that I love the most about Mac...he is always so absolutely certain about an answer or some sort of fact he's gathered, that he makes me doubt myself! Maybe an erection really is a pile of legos! By the way, you really should look into getting a speech therapist. I'll get you some numbers. He he.