Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boys will be boys!!!!

Santa did a lot of researching child development books and talking to his friends about boys and weapons. He came to the conclusion that Mac can only play with Thomas the Train for so long. Due to the lack of toys for six year old boys that do not include a weapon of some sort, we needed to make a exception to the "Velardis do not play with weapons rule" Mac desperately wanted a light saber from Star Wars. Santa gave in in bought the weapon. Worried that Mac would have no idea what to do with his new toy, Santa was surprised at the noises and movements that were coming out of this sweet boys. After explaining to Mac that it was not a sword and that he needed to come up with a name for it. He immediately thought of one.


MAC AND HIS NEW SLASHER. (lovely, not exactly what I had in mind)

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