Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I would like to introduce you to Januarys STAR OF THE MONTH.....

While questoning the STAR about why he was given this honor? He simply stated "for being an all around great guy" A great guy in need of a hair cut.

Ya right!!!!!

I have never been in love with the octomom. You can see my thoughts on the subject here.

Nadia you are full of shit!!!!


does not =

Thursday, January 14, 2010

As seen on tv

Mac informed me today that he made next years Christmas list. These are the two things that he wants really bad!!

I swear I cannot make this stuff up. I'm sure the target audience for these products was not six year old boys.God help me!!!!!

Politics six year old style

Mac is very into politics and government issues. This leads to very interesting conversations.
For the purpose of this post: Omama = our president

Mac: I cannot wait til I get to go to the Omama amorial.
Me: The what??
Mac: You know the building in DC
Me: The memorial??
Mac: Mac, there is no Obama memorial
Me: They gave Lincoln one what makes you think the will not give one to Barrack?

Mac:How much money do you think Omama is worth??
Me: What??
Mac:(he went on to tell me who was on the penny, dime etc. Yes, I do not know who is on what to even tell the story correctly, but you get the idea)
Me: Mac, there is no money with Obama on it.
Mac: I bet there will be one day and I bet it will be worth alot, because he is so special.

Mac:how do you think our president is doing
Me:He is doing ok Mac
Mac:just ok?, I think he is great.
Me: (trying not to get into a political dispute with a six year old) I told him everyone was allowed to have their own opinion.
Mac: when can I get one of them???

I am starting to get nervous that he gets up in the middle of the night and turns on MSNBC!

"On Pupose"

I just found a large puddle of juice in the living room, and Griffin standing there with the top in one hand and the bottom in the other. I asked him like I always do never expecting an answer "Was this an accident?" He looked at me as serious as can be with his head tilted to the side like a teenager and stated " NOOO ON PUPOSE" I asked again "you did this on purpose??" So proudly he stated "YUP"

I am torn should I be angry that he did this "on pupose" or just be happy that he put three words together.

I did the responsble thing, I walked away and preteneded it never happened!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boy Genius

This is what Mark and I found when we came around the corner last night. In case you do not understand "kid writing" (this is what they call writing the way the word sounds) it says


He really is!!

I have spent much of Mac's life waiting for the next shoe to drop. I remember the days early in his pregnancy and continuing on after he was born just begging for a simple answer "was he going to be ok" This was never an answer that I asked anyone for, and believe me there was enough people involved in his care to ask. I think my main reason for not asking was fear of the answer. We had many case scenarios dropped on us about Mac's future, none very pleasant. I had a secret line I would repeat every time we heard something negative "at least he is here, at least he is here" I lived most if his first three years of his life in constant fear. Fear of the unknown. For the longest time everything positive that we hear was always followed with a negative. His receptive language skills are extremely high, followed by how low his expressive language skills were. When Mac started school in Sept. we had no idea what to expect. I spent too many nights to count sick with fear. Fear about what we would be told.Kindergarten was a big event in my mind. I had spent many years hoping he would catch up and always telling myself he had so much time until kindergarten. This was some marker in my mind, and when it was time I felt like we had run out of time. I had some indication early on in the year that he was doing well, but waited and wondered, waiting for that shoe to drop. I literally lost my breath when the letter came home in the school bag with a time for parent conferences. Mark and I sat on those little chairs and waited, we said nothing on the way. We have had too many of these drives, and this was no different.

Out came the test scores and examples of his work. I had to remind myself to breath.
We were told very he was doing wonderful. Of course I asked wonderful for him or wonderful for a typical kindergartner. He was doing better then a typical kindergartner. I found myself questioning her, what about this and what about that. She looked at me in the face and said "Christa he is fine, and he will be fine!!" I realized then that no one had ever said that before. I had waited six years for someone to say this.I left the meeting,( after stopping at the book fair to buy the genius a new book)and cried all the way home. He is going to be fine, he really is.

Way Back Wednesday!!!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My mom gave me tickets to see Wicked for Christmas(imagine after that gift I got her)
I am so excited and have been walking around singing all the songs from the soundtrack all week. Mac asked me today what I was singing. I explained how Grammy and I were going to see a play about the Wizard of Oz. He then proceeded to ask me if I was driving are "TAKING MY BROOM??"

Gifts from the heart...

I tried to come up with a thoughtful,gift from the heart for my mom this year.
This is what I came up with. Who said I wasn't warm and fuzy??

Ok, let it go!!!

We thought that we were doing such a good job leaving notes from Santa and Rudolph. Boy were we wrong. On Christmas morning Griffin jumped out of bed to see his toys, only to quickly be distracted by this:

He was overcome, not with excitement as we had hoped. He was angry, very angry. He cried " dolph me appale!" (that's Rudolph ate my apple in Griffin talk)and "ho-ho me malk" (Santa drank my milk) He almost could not enjoy his gifts. We quickly removed the evidence hoping he would forget.

Every morning with milk and snack with an apple, he is still bitter.

FIN,let it go,it's been two weeks buddy. I have a feeling he is going to hold a grudge like his dad.

Is it me??

Although I love them, there's something just not right about Mac wearing skulls and crossbones. My guess is he will not be getting in line(like his mother)at 18 for a tattoo. Now his brother????

P.S Is it bad that I'm in my 2nd year of nursing school and I needed to spell check skull??

Is there a doctor in the house???

A little too close to our Swine Flu days, but boy does this boy love to dress up. We are trying to stick to astronauts and doctors. But, I have a little suspicion he would love to sport a tutu!!!