Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What makes a mother???

When do you become a mother???
What makes you the mother that you become??

Is it when you agree to daily injections, pills and procedures to get you there??

Is it when you let go of everything you imagined pregnancy to be, and start to pray just for 24 weeks??

Is it when you stop blaming god for the challenges that your child faces, and thank him for your child??

Is it getting on a plane and flying half way around the world for a child that has not genetic link to you, but is every bit your child??

Is it when the idea that you may never be a mother brings you to your knees and you can not imagine how you will go on??

Is it when you look in your child's eyes and cannot recall one minute of life before that very second??

I can never remember a time in my life that I did not dream about being someones mother. Every ones journey to motherhood is different. There were many times that the path that I took seemed full of unexpected turns and often had no end in site. The journey and path that I took made me appreciate so much more what was at the end of it.

I thank God often for allowing me to become a mother, but do not often thank the person who taught me how to be a mother. Thank you mom for teaching me love, strength and sacrifice and how to be the best mother by setting the example!!!