Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why I love him

I love him because he is exactly the type of dad I wanted my kids to have.

I will never be able to say thank you for his drive 70 days back and forth after work so I could see his face and so he could see his boy in the hospital

I love him for allowing me to go though all necessary steps that were needed so I could get pregnant.

I love that he tried to be so strong, when deep down he was scared to death about what was yet to come
I love that either doing mid night feedings, to reading the same books over and over, he is always happy

I love him for letting me stay home with the boys, he understood what having me home meant and was willing to sacrifice.

I love him for allowing me to return to nursing school, which would mean all night time routines alone after working a 11 hour day.

I love that he would rather hang out with our kids instead of a night on the town with the guys.

I love that he loves, museums,mystic and mostly Disney as much as a child

I love that he cries when he wants to not just when he is supposed to.

I love that he has made ever effort in making this marriage work no mater what.
even though we are older I am grateful that we have GROWN UP TOGETHER

I love that he lets me sleep in.

I love that our weekend walks make me want to get up

I love when he looks at our son he sees a perfect little boy (not one with cp and other issues)

We love you daddy with all of our hearts

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