Thursday, June 4, 2009


There was a new episode of the Duggar Family on TLC tonight.I will admit that I was a little sickened by the "perfectness" (is that even a word?)of this family in the begining. After watching the excruciating season premiere of Jon and Kate + 8, I am anxiously awaiting the smiles and harmony of the Duggar family. I know no family is perfect, and they are also making money off of there children, they just seem a little more focused on what is important.

There's so much I could say about the season premiere of my favorite family. It was strained, tense, and so hard to watch. Jon just seemed cold and removed from the whole thing. Kate has her issues too, but at least she made herself a tiny bit vulnerable---and cried. I wanted to cry too. What started out as one of my favorite shows on television now just breaks my heart. It's a reminder to me that marriage takes work, and nothing is worth the expense of your marriage and family.

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