Monday, March 29, 2010

March of Dimes

Dear Friends and Family,
It is the time of year again that we ask for your support. On April 25th our family will join March of Dimes in their annual Walk!! We have decided that we have been doing this long enough and that everyone knows the statics and scary facts about prematurity. This year we will speak to you from our hearts. Since Mac was born in 2003 we have constantly been reminded how much the March of Dimes has given to our family. The March of Dimes started as an important cause for us and quickly became our passion. We have seen our involvement over the last year transform into our mission. It is the mission of our family that someday every baby will get a fighting chance! This year the March of Dimes recognized our devotion to ending prematurity and birth defects. They have given us the opportunity to represent something even larger then our family’s mission and have asked us to represent the March of Dimes in their mission. We are very pleased to be the 2010 Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes. When something negative happens in someone’s life it is very easy to ask why me? While at an event last week, while standing on stage and telling our story it became very clear “why us”. We have the power to tell our story, raise money and most importantly raise awareness. We believe this is a beginning of a journey for our family. We are not quite sure what god has in store for us in the future but right now we need funds, as Mac likes to say “To Save babies” Please consider helping us fund our mission. You have the power to save babies. You can make a difference; you can be a hero today.
Thank You,
Christa, Mark, Mac and Griffin Velardi
Donations can be made online through this website

Or checks may be written to:
March of Dimes

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