Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Conversations with Fin... yes I said Fin!!!!

Mac- who am I
Fin- ???
Mac- I am your brother
Fin- Mac
Mac- yes
Fin- you are my best frien....d (he still cannot figure our where to end words!!)
Mac- your best friend???

after having to leave the daycare at the gym, for his behavior, AGAIN!!!

Fin- I a bad boy
Mom- your not bad Fin
Fin- un- hu
Mom- no, your just a little fresh sometimes
Fin- I want to be bad boy!!!!

Fin- me love daddy!!
Mom- oh, thats nice, do you love moma???
Fin- nope
Mom- you don't love moma???
Fin- Hug( and proceeds to hug me)
Mom- oh see you love moma
Fin- you see, I love daddy!!!

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