Thursday, February 25, 2010


I hold my breath when Mac starts one of his conversations. You know the ones that I walk away feeling... dumber then a kindergartner. We have had some good ones the last couple of days.

Mac- Remember when I was born too soon.
me- yes, Mac I remember
Mac- why do you think this happened???
me- maybe you were anxious to meet me
Mac- sorry, not to hurt your feelings but... I was anxious to meet daddy!!!

Mac- mommy I would like to have some more babies in our house
me- Mac, we are done having babies
Mac- oh man!!!
me- you can have a bunch of babies when you get older
Mac- ah mom
me- yes Mac
Mac- I have a penis, you need a vagina to have a baby

Mac- guess what we celebrated at school today??
me- what Mac
Mac- the 100th day of school
me- really
Mac- you look a little confused... let me help you, we have been in school more then 99 days, but less then 101.
me- thanks for the clarification
Mac- It's math it will get you every time!!!!

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