Thursday, January 14, 2010

Politics six year old style

Mac is very into politics and government issues. This leads to very interesting conversations.
For the purpose of this post: Omama = our president

Mac: I cannot wait til I get to go to the Omama amorial.
Me: The what??
Mac: You know the building in DC
Me: The memorial??
Mac: Mac, there is no Obama memorial
Me: They gave Lincoln one what makes you think the will not give one to Barrack?

Mac:How much money do you think Omama is worth??
Me: What??
Mac:(he went on to tell me who was on the penny, dime etc. Yes, I do not know who is on what to even tell the story correctly, but you get the idea)
Me: Mac, there is no money with Obama on it.
Mac: I bet there will be one day and I bet it will be worth alot, because he is so special.

Mac:how do you think our president is doing
Me:He is doing ok Mac
Mac:just ok?, I think he is great.
Me: (trying not to get into a political dispute with a six year old) I told him everyone was allowed to have their own opinion.
Mac: when can I get one of them???

I am starting to get nervous that he gets up in the middle of the night and turns on MSNBC!

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