Sunday, November 29, 2009

Preemie mom TOP 10

I was asked to do a TOP 10 list for parents of preemies. Although I think this list would work for every new mom

1.Purell- need I say anything more

2. A shopping cart cover- if you could see what I grew off one in my Micro lab you may never use one again

3. Soothie Wubbanub Dog (0-6 months) Plush Toy Pacifier holder-

4. Prevacid oral powder for reflux- I probably should not be endorsing drug companies, I think in my other life I signed a contract that I would not market drugs that were being sold by other companies. But honestly I know longer think the drug companies care what I think

5. Oxiclean and I were best friends, there is nothing worse then formula that has been thickened, consumed, digested and deposited on a new shirt

RIP Billy Mayes

6. A hands free pumping bra- for anyone that has used a breast pump for any length of time needs no further information
There is something so wrong about this yet so right at the same time

7. A little escape to that special place!!!!! You will need one or many once in awhile

8. Friends- please keep your friendships healthy, although not always easy to do. You will need someone to Bitch to

Yes that was a Margarita in my glass, I was killing 2 birds with one stone

9. Take out- please do not kid yourself that you will cook.

10.Please invest in a good camera, you will not get these years back.

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  1. Great top ten list...and not just for preemies either! I read this post and got to thinking of the great photos you took of Mac and Finn. I convinced Amy to let me buy a good DSLR and your totally right, it's worth it to capture these moments!