Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ambassador Family

We are officially the March of Dimes Ambassador Family for 2009. Below is our official press release. I am scared about what this new role will require of us, but am just trying to enjoy the honor. Start watching your newspapers.

Press Release:

Parents Mark and Christa Velardi of Newport, RI know the significant role that March of Dimes research played in helping Mac age 5 and Griffin age 2, get this far, so they are grateful for the chance to serve as the 2009 Ambassador Family. "Prematurity hit our family twice." said Christa Velardi. Velardi explains "In 2003 Mac was born almost 13 weeks premature. He spent the first few months of his life in the NICU. He had significant respiratory issues and a brain complication that left him with Cerebral Palsy for life. In 2007 our second son Griffin was born at 33 weeks, many weeks less premature then Mac. Although we are walking a similar road with Griffin,it is a much smoother one, he had many weeks that Mac did not. Shortly after Griffin was born it became apparent to us how important each week of pregnancy is."

"The scariest moments of my life were those sitting in the NICU, not knowing if my sons would survive," said Mark. "Today, thanks to the support of the March of Dimes, they are happy and loving children who love to play tennis and baseball. Now, I'm raising money for March for Babies to help prevent other families from going through the same ordeal."

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