Monday, February 9, 2009

I most definitely did not put my boys in the car, a movie in and and proceed to drive through Dunkin Donuts.

I did not do this right before I parked with the heat on for 1 hour and proceed to do homework while they watched a movie, in the car.Not me

I did not leave them in pajamas to do this.Not me

I did not load my children up with Tylenol before the babysitter came to get rid of fevers and most definitely did not tell her they had stomach aches because they were constipated, to cover up the fact that they had stomach virus. Not me

I did not do this because I had an exam that I could not miss and had no other option.Not me

I did not justify this in my head by telling myself that she was already exposed to them three days before and would probably get sick anyway. Not me

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